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I love designing products. I also love helping individuals and teams  reach their goals.

My "superpower" is seeing the future version of a product, deconstructing it into implementable pieces, and creating a path forward - from MVP to Blue Star

Hands-On Design Leadership

Sustainable Innovation

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15+ years of experience in Product and UX, solving complex, ambiguous problems, creating beautiful, intuitive experiences, and helping companies grow and evolve in Enterprise, Education, Video, Productivity, E-Commerce, Gov, B2B


Head of Design | 2020 - Present

Owned the UX roadmap and led Design and Research for the organization. Collaborated with Stakeholders, Customers, CS, and Engineering to align, prioritize, and deliver roadmap commitments. Established and refined design and performance review processes for the team. Managed and mentored design team, and when needed, worked as an individual contributor across the disciplines of PM, UX, and Research to ensure timely delivery of commitments.


Senior UX Designer I 2015 – 2020

Designed collaboration, productivity, and workflow management tools (no-code app builder, automated actions, project timelines, resource & app management solution). Created integrations for Slack, Adobe, Skype, & JIRA. Organized and conducted usability studies, workshops, design sprints, and collaborated with stakeholders across the org.


UX Designer I 2011 – 2015

Created high-visibility experiences across the Kindle ecosystem (Kindle X-Ray, Book of the Month, Author Central, Kindle Leaf, The Future of Fiction). Designed Kindle X-Ray - an original way to display key contextual information for Kindle books. Solution was extended to Amazon Video and resulted in 10 patents and two publications. Collaborated with stakeholders across the Kindle org to manage product roadmap and prioritize deliverables for the design team.


UX Design Lead I 2009 – 2011

Designed all customer-facing experiences for a data-mining engine for viewing government contract jobs (search, detail pages, settings, and admin tools). Introduced interactive Prototyping to the Design and Dev teams, speeding up the development cycle and simplifying the requirements management and hand-off processes.

Personify Design

Interaction Designer I 2007 – 2009

Designed experiences in Hospitality, E-Commerce, and Health Care. Worked across PM, Research, and Design disciplines to conduct research, collect requirements, create designs, manage project roadmaps, and hand off completed solutions to customers.


STE | 2005 - 2007

Verified shopping experience for Expedia Cruises: user interface, front-end functionality and data integrity


STE | 2000 - 2004

Developed DB and Web-Service solutions and verified functionality of  Microsoft Office products


  • Product and UX design

  • Design Systems I Material Design

  • Information Architecture􏰀

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Communication & Cross-Team Collaboration 

  • Formative & Usability research

  • Team Leadership & Development􏰃

  • Presenting to Stakeholders, Boards & Customers􏰁

  • Organizing and leading workshops & design sprint􏰁

  • Outcomes-based approach to design

  • Accessibility

  • Responsive Design

  • User-Centered Design􏰂Process

  • B2B and B2􏰄

  • IOS, Android, Desktop􏰂

  • Figma, Adobe, Pendo, Notion, Salesforce, Jira, etc...


  • Conceptualizing & building new experiences 

  • Integrating new features into established products

  • Highly visible customer facing interfaces 

  • Enterprise, B2B, SAAS

  • Created Complex data-driven tools


  • Presenting to senior management,  stakeholders and clients

  • Coordinating and prioritizing design goals across organization

  • Managing design schedules for multiple design teams

  • Mentoring designers and interns

  • Proposing new features and patterns with org-wide impact

  • Creating a long-term strategic UX vision

  • Aligning roadmaps with  OKRs

  •  Getting buy-in from stakeholders and customers

  • Inspiring and align teams across org


  • Excellent problem-solving skills. Extensive experience solving complex, ambiguous, multi-dimensional problems in various industries

  • Ability to do more with less. I wear different hats, learn new tools, and get things done with limited resources and tight timelines

  • Visual storytelling and presentation skills, ability to connect with the audience to influence stakeholders and align teams by effectively communicating complex concepts,

  • Ability to see the future version of a product, deconstruct it into implementable pieces, and create a path from MVP to Blue Star


  • ​University of Michigan   |   BS in Computer Science

  • ​University of Michigan   |   BS in Psychology

  • University of Washington   |   Information Management

  • LinkedIn Learning & Coursera   |   Leadership & Design


  • Figma

  • Sketch

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Invision

  • Axure

  • Notion

  • Zeplin

  • Pendo

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